About the Firm


All Law Firms are not the same.

At D’Agostino Solicitors we pride ourselves on the difference.

We are different in the way we think and respond to a clients needs.

We are boutique and committed to the things we know... And we know property!

At D’Agostino Solicitors we commit to our clients and their needs totally providing legal skills, experience and service not usually seen in a boutique firm.

We believe that the difference is the ability to provide an executive service and skill to benefit our clients as well as keeping the total experience personal and being totally approachable at all times. This is the point of difference when dealing with DÁgostino Solicitors.

We look forward to being of service to you soon.

D’Agostino Solicitors is a unique legal firm fully committed to providing professional and effective legal services to our clients. Established in 1997 by Joseph D’Agostino, our firm has developed a reputation for providing clients with practical and innovative advice. Our Solicitors are focussed on providing advice to assist all our clients to achieve their individual goals.

Our advice covers the fundamental legal requirements of an established, new or successful business particularly with respect to compliance with regulations, strategic relationships, owner and shareholder interests, acquisitions and disposals and business succession planning.

Whether you need assistance with Property, Business, Commercial Transactions or Debt Recovery, our staff have the vision, enthusiasm and commercial focus to solve all your challenges.

Our performance has over the years attracted many successful and loyal clients. 

Our Values

To develop and build a long lasting relationship with our clients built on trust, integrity and honesty.

We think it is important to build a relationship with our clients so that our clients get to know our team so as to create an enjoyable and prosperous environment for all concerned.

We believe that if we all enjoy the experience and a mutual respect is developed then our client’s experience will be a fulfilling experience.

Client Relationship Management

Having centred our practice on the key clients we have implemented internal procedures to better manage the relationship between our staff and those key clients.

Generally a key client will have direct access to their relationship manager and is encouraged to develop a friendly relationship with that key staff member.

We have found that this personal relationship leads to a better understanding of that particular clients individual needs and demands.

In addition all other staff members at D’Agostino Solicitors are encouraged to acquaint themselves with all of the key clients so that clients needs never falls on deaf ears.

We do our best to understand each key client’s individual needs and we encourage them to discuss particular requirements on an individual case-by-case basis if the need arises.

In fact, our key clients are an integral part of our firm and their satisfaction and security is a paramount concern.