Construction Law

D’Agostino Solicitors has a broad spectrum of clients in the construction business. We act for home owners, trades people, builders and developers. Each requires a particular level of care and management to achieve a satisfying outcome.

The growth in the residential building sector over the last few years has seen a parallel growth in demand for legal services designed to assist builders and developers navigate today’s complex regulatory framework.  By the same token, there is an equally significant need for consumers and home owners to be informed of their rights and responsibilities when buying or selling a home.

Our team has successfully mediated and resolved many home building disputes through private mediation and through the Consumer Tenancy & Trader Tribunal. Recent decisions of the Supreme Court limiting the enforceability of payment claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act have also necessitated a review of the way business is done. We focus on delivering a fair and workable solution for our clients

As a part of our proactive approach, we can advise our clients on and prepare if necessary contracts, tenders and subcontracts with a view to minimising risk and the likelihood of dispute.