Dispute Resolution

There is a winner and there is a loser when you go to court, and both of them pay. Avoiding litigation by acting when the time is right is a wise move and can deliver a result in more than one way.

Resolving your disputes before court gives you options and saves you money. Our Solicitors can get you the right result by listening to and getting to know your business and then acting decisively with speed and initiative. Our team also has an extensive experience in dealing with construction disputes and payment claims pursuant to the Building & Construction Security of Payment Act 1999.

D’Agostino Solicitors has successfully resolved a broad spectrum of matters before litigation has commenced. But when the situation calls for it, a clinical and forceful approach to litigation can get the job done within budget and beyond expectations.

At D’Agostino Solicitors our main aim is to assist you in the resolution of disputes and for you to reach an agreement or outcome as a result of our intervention. We aim to do this in a professional, timely and cost effective manner.