We are proud of our ability to provide legal services to broad spectrum of clients in this area of law.

We service first home owners through to large corporate clients. Property Law is often regarded by our clients as smooth and basic process, we would like to attribute this to our constant efforts to provide good service. In fact, this area of the law gives rise to substantial litigation and is more complicated then sometimes thought.

D’Agostino Solicitors are proud of our strong and progressive approach in assisting clients in the sale and purchase of real property. Clients who trust us to guide them through the property maze remain clients for a long time. Not only because of the quality of our legal work but because we identify, anticipate and minimise risk to ensure that the legal side of a transaction runs smoothly.

We recognise that real estate decisions are an integral part of business direction or possibly the single most important decision that anyone will face.

We are committed to get the best out of each transaction and we will get involved early in the transaction even before the deal is done.

We practice in all areas of real estate and property litigation including;